This new and innovative Equipment is based on many years of experience, trial and error, and practical and physical demonstrations. Based upon Archimedes principle, the theory behind this Company's concept of flotation is practical and simple to attain.

The product range is ideally suited to use with non weight bearing children. By using ankle weights and our jackets, the children are able to be in control of their own movements. thus enabling them to walk through deep water.

We must stress, these weights must not be used with any other buoyancy equipment except SWIMFRIENDS products. Any other course of action may result in undue pressure being put on parts of the body, thus causing a stressful situation.

Flotation of the head is achieved by using a Buoyancy Helmet never before has there been an easier, more comfortable or more practical way for this to be done. The helmet is both amazingly light and buoyant, it is comfortable to wear, and does not in any way interfere with the windpipe, neither does it force the head forward, which in turn would make the body dip into the water, thus unbalancing. After floating the head, if it is evident that the remainder of the body is in need of buoyancy, there is a selection of equipment to suit.

If, by using a Belt , it lifts the lower part of the body too high out of the water, this would indicate Lower body Buoyancy; therefore a Jacket should be used giving the body Buoyancy where it is lacking. Once this has been achieved, should the Lower Legs need raising, leg floats are available..
These are made in the same light and soft material, and should be placed as with the other equipment buoyancy uppermost

ALL those who have a disability, be it severe or minor, can be helped in water with this equipment. It should be remembered that those of us who are less able to react individually and will not always float as expected. Please remember at all times our equipment is a TEACHING AID, not Preventative or Life-Saving equipment.

The beauty of this equipment is that it can be mixed and matched to suit perfectly the needs of every individual. The versatility is such that you can put the buoyancy exactly where it is needed.

This range is non toxic, has an insulating quality, fire retardant, non contaminable, light, soft and pliable, with a sleek hi tech finish. It is easy to clip on, and care is simple, just rinse in clean water, and towel dry!!