Walking Football

Love football but find the traditional game a little too hectic? Why not try 'Walking Football'? Believe it or not, the game itself was invented in Derbyshire by John Croot at Chesterfield Football Club!

"The first ever Walking Football' match we held was covered on Sky TV and from then onwards the popularity of the sport just exploded" says John.

Walking Football still has many of the key elements of 'The Beautiful Game' - but at a gentler pace.

Click on the video to find out more:

Walking football was developed by the Chesterfield FC Community Trust as part of the Extra Time initiative aimed at people aged 55 and over.The activity proved to be so popular that the players progressed to gentle running and formed their own ‘ExSpires’ team who play at Queen’s Park Sports Centre every Tuesday morning. They currently have 20 players, with a combined age of 1,290 years - which averages out at 64.5 years per player!

To find out more about walking football, please contact Rachel at the Community Trust on 01246 209765 (option 5) or email rachelbooth@chesterfield-fc.co.uk.