Dovestone Reservoir

The car park and toilet block below the reservoir dam are managed by Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council. Between 8:00am and 8:00pm everyday this is pay and display, free to blue badge holders. There are  reserved parking spaces and the sloping car park (gradients up to 1:6 on the car park, 1:10 on the road) is tarmac.

There is a toilet suitable for disabled people for which a RADAR key is needed. Information boards and a leaflet dispenser are located at the toilets up a 180mm step; leaflets are available which give details of walks in the area, including an easy going trail which might be suitable for wheelchair users.

This mostly level 2.5 mile path around the reservoir as some ascents and visitors are advised to tackle the route in an anti-clockwise direction (setting off from the car park and up the road past the sailing club, returning via the path across the dam). The majority of the route is along stone finished paths, but the steeper sections (up to 1:4 or 25%) have a tarmac surface.

At the south-eastern corner after crossing Chew Brook there is about 100m of gentle uphill (1:10 to 1:12) with a steeper tarmac section (50m) on the bends at the bottom with gradients more than 1:6.

After crossing Yeoman Hay Reservoir dam there is a 50m tarmac ramp down with gradients typically 1:8 but with the steepest section more than 1:6, followed by a 40m stone surfaced ramp up with a maximum gradient of 1:7.

Approaching Dovestone Reservoir dam there is 15m ramp down with a gradient steeper than 1:6 (handrail provided) for a short distance followed by a 100mm ramped step down at a gate across the new concrete outflow from the reservoir.

A number of picnic tables are provided on level grass at Ashway Gap, about halfway round the circuit of Dovestone Reservoir.