Tarzan is Autism-Friendly!

2nd May 2014

On the first Sunday of every month, Cineworld Chesterfield has an 'Autism-Friendly' film screening! This Sunday, 4th May, Tarzan swings into town! 

Autism-Friendly screenings differ from typical screenings in a number of ways:

- The film starts at the same time: 11.00am and is  shown on the same screen, every month (In Chesterfield, this is screen 10
- There are no advertisements or trailers before the film - so no waiting around.
- The lighting is reduced but the auditorium is not in complete darkness
- The sound is played at a reduced volume
- There is no allocated seating so patrons can choose to site wherever they prefer
- You can take in your own food and drink (no hot food or drink though)
- There are 'chill-out' zones just outside the screen with tables and seating for people who need a break from the film

These screenings are not open to the general public so you can be comfortable knowing that everyone is in a similar situation. All Cineworld Cinemas that can show 'Autism-Friendly' screenings do so, so it's worth checking out your local Cineworld cinema. Other cinema chains offer similar screenings.

In addition, carers go free with a Cinema Exhibitors Accociation (CEA) card. These cost £5.50 and are valid for one year from the date of purchase. You can apply for one on-line at www.ceacard.co.uk or pick up an application form in your local cinema. The card is valid for all performances, not just the 'Autism-Friendly' ones.

What a great idea Cineworld - a big 'thumbs up' from Accessible Derbyshire.

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