18th Aug 2014

Last Saturday (16th August) Accessible Derbyshire Co-Founders Gillian Scotford and Jane Carver were invited onto the BBC Breakfast sofa!

The topic under discussion was a survey on accessibility  by Vitalise magazine. The survey was carried out amongst the most visited UK attractions and found that almost two thirds stated they were not 100% accessible for wheelchair users.

Speaking live  to BBC presenters Sian Lloyd and Simon McCoy, Gillian and Jane talked about Accessible Derbyshire and about the difficulties often faced by families with a disabled member. As well as the physical struggle of preparing for a day out they described how hard it can by to find information on exactly what is accessible - difficulties which inspired them to set up their charity. They went on to discuss the wealth of accessible attractions available in Derbyshire: information which is detailed on their website:

They also chatted about the need for Changing Places toilets at top attractions, giving the Changing Places campaign its first mention on national television! 

The pair finished off by announcing their new campaign. To be launched in the autumn, 'THE BIG PUSH' is a two year project aimed at tourist attractions and organisations in Derbyshire and the Peak District  focussing on training to raise  awareness of accessibility, identifying ways to improve access and then fundraising to create the solution. Anyone interested in taking part are invited to get in touch with Accessible Derybshire via the website.

Gillian said: "Through THE BIG PUSH our aim is to make Derbyshire and the Peak District the most accessible county and National Park in the country and we can't wait to get started!" Jane added that "it was such a great opportunity to be invited to the BBC, share the great things that are out there and invite people to make things even better! The response we've had so far has been incredible!"

Not bad for a couple of Derbyshire mums!


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