1st Dec 2014

Angie Aspinall - A.D.Hearing Ambassador Angie Aspinall 2 - A.D. Hearing Ambassador
Introducing our Hearing Ambassador, Angie Aspinall
Angie Aspinall is an award-winning deafened entrepreneur, born and brought up in Derbyshire and now living just over the border in Yorkshire.  She joined our team in September 2014 and will be involved in The Big Push in respect to meeting the needs of people with hearing loss.
Angie's career spans the public, private and voluntary sectors and now she has various business interests: Access Solutions, Hearing Loss Friendly, Quietly Relaxing Holidays and Aspinall Ink.
At the age of 30, when Angie was diagnosed with Otosclerosis (a condition which causes progressive deafness) she thought she would be unable to cope, but lipreading classes and communication techniques enabled her to continue working, even when the condition started in her 'good' ear.  By the age of 33, she was using a hearing aid on a daily basis.

In April 2011, tragedy stuck and Angie suffered sudden sensorineural deafness in her 'good' ear, leaving it permanently profoundly deaf.  With very little hearing remaining in her other ear, she was immediately cut off from everyone around her and, while she was still able to speak (and to hear her own voice), she was unable to hear what others were saying.  

Now, Angie is a founding Director of Access Solutions, a company specialising in supporting the hospitality industry to become hearing loss friendly via audits, training and specialist equipment.  Access Solutions helps ensure that accommodation providers are complying with all the relevant legislation in respect of meeting the needs of visitors with hearing loss and they provide training on excellence in customer care for people with hearing loss.  
Along with her business partner, Angie has also founded Hearing Loss Friendly a site showcasing holiday accommodation and spas which meet the needs of people with hearing loss and those which have also attained their Sounds Good Charter Mark.
In addition to this, Angie is a freelance journalist who writes about disability and access issues and she is also a travel writer.  She is also one of the co-founders of the business networking phenomenon, #Yorkshirehour, the original ‘local hour’ on Twitter. She is also the organiser of the popular #Yorkshirehourlive business networking events.
Angie shared that she is "really looking forward to meeting Gillian and Jane and to discussing a plan of action for 'The Big Push': the Accessible Derbyshire' project to be launched on Wednesday, 3rd December."
Welcome to our Ambassador team Angie, from everyone at Accessible Derbyshire!
Angie Aspinall is Director of Access Solutions and Hearing Loss Friendly
www.accesssolutions.info   |   Email: info@accesssolutions.info   |   Twitter: @_AccessSolution   |   Skype: Angie.Aspinall1

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