Derbyshire County Cricket Club welcomes A.D!

23rd Apr 2015

Derbyshire County Cricket Club

Accessible Derbyshire visited Derbyshire County Cricket Club in Derby today.

Gillian and Jane were welcomed by Andy Wilson:  Assistant Stadium Manager & Deputy Safety Officer for a tour of the ground along with Ruth Hopkins, Access & Development Officer with Level Playing Field: a charity promoting good access for all fans,

In January of this year Derby City Council's Cabinet approved a £2.4 million investment to fund a major redevelopment at the club and Andy Wilson invited Accessible Derbyshire to have a look at the current and proposed features of the stadium from an overall accessibility perspective with Level Playing Field carrying out an access audit on current facilities and advising on the future development.

Jane commented that:

"One of the key things we emphasized during our visit  is the need for a Changing Places facility as part of the proposed developments to the ground. Changing Places are needed by 250,000 people in the country and without them many people are simply unable to get out and about and enjoy life as they would wish to. Changing Places really do change lives and we have our fingers crossed that the cricket club will have the foresight to include one in their plans."

Derbyshire County Cricket Ground has already received substantial investment to improve its offering and this additional funding will see it transformed into one of the best-equipped grounds in the country providing a warm welcome for all.


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