Euan's Guide teams up with Accessible Derbyshire

21st Jul 2015

Euan's Guide Euan MacDonald

Euan's Guide is a website which provides reviews on venues from a disabled access perspective and we are delighted to say that Euan's Guide have now teamed up with Accessible Derbyshire.

Over the coming weeks you will start to see the Euan's Guide 'button' beside the main venues on our website. By clicking this button you will be able to see Euan's Guide reviews on that venue and learn from the experience of previous disabled visitors as well as being able to write your own review once you have visited.

Euan explained that:

"Despite being in a wheelchair due to Motor Neurone Disease, I still want to go out to bars, restaurants, hotels, cinemas, music festivals, sports grounds etc. I’m always looking for new places to go out but can only find out if access is suitable through a process of trial and error.

Following years of investigating, my family and built up something akin to a local directory on disabled access that we were keen to share with others with accessibility needs. We thought that there must be thousands of people who have the same issues that we do so we decided to take this a step further and create a website to help others. Euan’s Guide aims to be a friendly, honest & empowering alternative to hours of web searching and phone calls and most importantly remove the ‘fear of the unknown’ when visiting a venue for the first time."

"A generic disabled access badge doesn't always tell the whole story" says Euan. "Our website can give you confidence that someone in your situation has been there and can make a recommendation. The website makes it easier to enjoy experiences that many people might take for granted. It could be as simple as meeting a friend for a cup of coffee but you need to know which places are suitable."

As well as being useful for disabled visitors the reviews are also an invaluable source of feedback for venues to be able to know when they are providing great services and facilities as well as learning where they could improve their offering.

Why not help Accessible Derbyshire and Euan's Guide to improve accessibility by listing your venue on or or writing a review after your next trip out and about in Derbyshire?

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