Heritage Lottery fund backs Changing Places

9th Dec 2015

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Heritage Lottery Fund backs Changing Places

A few weeks ago we attended an 'Inclusive Heritage' conference at Tate Modern in London. It was a fantastic event with representatives from key organisations across the county who have an interest in and an influence over inclusive heritage.
Perhaps our biggest contribution to the day was to highlight the need for Changing Places at major heritage sites as a prime enabler for inclusive heritage. We discussed with attendees what Changing Places are, who needs them and why they are so important.
As a result of our input the Heritage Lottery have made a pledge to make knowledge about and provision of Changing Places one of the deciding factors when analysing major funding bids submitted to them. Please see the following for further details: https://www.hlf.org.uk/community/general-discussions/how-can-we-make-heritage-inclusive-everyone
We're sure you'll agree that this is indeed great news! Not only is it likely to increase the provision of Changing Places but, by being part of the funding bid criteria, it will also help to raise awareness of Changing Places generally and is a big step forward in ensuring that our rich heritage can be enjoyed by everyone.
Best wishes,
Jane Carver and Gillian Scotford
The Accessible Training Company and Accessible Derbyshire

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