Repair Cafe Today at Monkey Park Cafe!

10th Jun 2017

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Repair Cafe Today!

Do you have items around your home that are in need of repair? Temped to throw them away? STOP!

The Repair Cafe at Monkey Park Cafe, Chester Street, Chesterfield is a service provided by Transition Chesterfield. It's aim is to repair items that may otherwise be destined for the dustbin, local tip or landfill site.

The friendly team of  expert volunteers at the Repair Cafe will take a look at your items and, wherever possible, repair them! All they ask is that you pop a voluntary donation in the collection tin if you can.

By taking along your broken items you will be helping to reduce landfill by increasing recycling as well as saving yourself  the money you would have spent on purchasing replacements items. At the same time you will be helping to raise much-needed funds for this fantastic charity.

The Repair Cafe is open  from 10.00am to 3.00pm today upstairs at the Monkey Park cafe and operates every two months on the second Saturday of the month. The next Repair Cafe will be in August, then again in October and December.

So whether you have a zip that is stuck, a faulty lawnmower or a broken kettle, take it along!

List of Local Repairers

Another thing Transition are looking to do is to produce a register of small traders who repair things or supply spares for other people to fix things. If you know of a relevant small trader that you could recommend for this list, please let  the team at Transition know on

Able to fix things?

If you are able to fix things and would like to volunteer to join their team of Repair Café repairers,  please contact them with details of your particular skills at:  They will make you most welcome!


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