Accessibility Guides

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What is an Accessibility Guide?

An Accessibility Guide is produced by tourism operators to provide potential visitors with important accessibility information about a venue, property or service. The guide enables individuals with accessibility requirements, their family and friends to make informed decisions as to where to stay and visit in view of their requirements. This includes not just wheelchair users but people with hearing loss, visual or mental impairment, older people, families with young children and more.

Accessibility Guides are an improved format that replaces Access Statements.

Why should I produce an Accessibility Guide?

- It can help you to appraise your venue’s accessibility, an area where you have legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010.

- It provides essential information for people with accessibility requirements.

- It's a marketing opportunity to broaden the appeal of your business.

- Unless accessibility information is clearly available, visitors may choose to go elsewhere.

- It's a minimum requirement for all participants in VisitEngland's National Quality Assessment Schemes.

How do I write an Accessibility Guide?

VisitEngland and VisitScotland provide a free to use website for the easy production and publication of Accessibility Guides. You can produce a guide by answering a series of questions on your venue’s accessibility, uploading useful photos and inputting any further information. You will be given a unique URL to promote your guide, which you can add to your website and also share across social media channels.

Go to the Accessibility Guides website to register and get started.

Please note, whilst the online Access Statement Tool is now closed to new users, you can retrieve any Access Statements created to help when producing your new Accessibility Guide from the old Access Statement tool.

The Accessible Training Company also run workshops which guide you through the process of writing your Accessibility Guide and also provide a service writing Accessibility Guides for clients. The Accessible Training company can be contacted at or on (07775) 639789