Monsal Head & Longstone Edge

From Monsal Head car park take the narrow winding road that drops down into the Monsal dale, this road follows the river.  On the right hand side you will notice a small road which leads to Wardlow (just before the picnic spot/car park at Upperdale, Monsal Dale).

Take this road and drive with care until it joins the B6465.  At the junction, cross with care and drive straight ahead.

This is a lovely road with views over Wardlow, Foolow and Bretton high up on the edge.  The sun casts the light over the green fields and you can pull over and watch the cattle and sheep grazing, I once sat here and watched loads of lambs leap up and down on a pile of hay bales as the sun was setting.  

At the junction take the right turn and drive a short distance and as the road splits take the right hand turn which goes over Longstone Edge the road then forks and again take the right road knows as Moor Road which drops down into Great Longstone.

A lay-by is on the right which you can pull up in and have a flask of coffee and biscuit overlooking the view of Great Longstone, Little Longstone, Rowland, Hassop and Bakewell beyond, it is beautiful.  Continue down till you meet the main road (if you turn left you arrive in the centre of Great Longstone with the White Lion and The Crispin Pubs).  Turn right, drive through Little Longstone before arriving back at the Monsal Head viewpoint to sit and watch the sun set