2nd Oct 2014

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Today marks the funeral of the late Dowager Duchess of Devonshire and as people gather along with us at Chatsworth to say their goodbyes we wanted to add our personal tribute to the many others being shared.

As well as being the co-founders of Accessible Derbyshire we have in the past raised funds for several good causes in the county : the 'Thomas' Playground' appeal at Ashgate Croft School, the 'Pool For Megan And Her Friends' appeal (also at the school) as well Bluebell Wood Children's hospice.


It was through these very special causes that we were fortunate enough to meet the Dowager Duchess who gave much-needed funds to each of these in turn without hesitation. A private donation to the playground appeal was followed a few years later by a £5,000 donation to the swimming pool appeal with a further donation helping to fund the 'Golden Miles' book for Bluebell Wood for which she also wrote the foreword.

We both felt that these were not simply charitable donations: they were her way of making a difference to causes affecting local people that she cared deeply about and took a personal interest in.

Through her generosity she showed that great wealth and great privilege can go hand in hand with great care and great kindness for which we, and the families and children she supported, will always fondly remember her.

Derbyshire has lost a truly great lady.

Gillian and Jane
Accessible Derbyshire.






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